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Who we are

Bee Engineering takes the best Technology and Engineering practices to the business world. It has offices in Portugal, France, and The Netherlands, counting on more than 500 collaborators to innovate projects of global reach.

It was born in 2010, based on the fundamental values of the family and respect for all its collaborators. In the Information Technology market, a team of 150 professionals in the offices of Lisbon, Porto and Amsterdam bring to companies the experience and differentiation in Digital Transformation. Bee Engineering focuses its main activity in Outsourcing, Gamification, Consulting and Training, both in the areas of Software Engineering and Systems Engineering.

In 2013, Bee Engineering made a strong commitment to the creation of a competence center in Information Systems Engineering. To receive it, Portugal was chosen as a result of past collaborations, excellent local technical quality and cutting-edge projects in progress. With the purpose of offering solutions that enable companies to face the emerging technological and economic challenges was created in 2017 Nectar Interactive that provides the business market with the differentiating power of Gamification and Game Design techniques.

Our Mission

With people we have created a team. With innovation and technology we value our customers. With leadership and talent we challenge the future

Our Vision

Technology is what fascinates us and we see it as the means to overcome ourselves, to break records, to be pioneers and innovators. We guide, train and are always side-by-side with our consultants, moving ourselves as one to achieve the sole purpose of Success.


Bee Engineering


Always be truthful
Be transparent in the message
Look at the means to achieve the ends


Always close to the client
Always close to the consultant
Always Defend the BeeTeam


Recruit who is demanding with himself
Team career aligned with company business
To be the best company in its area of intervention

Our company reflects who we are, every day, in all interactions.

This is our image, this is our culture!

Requirement and Excellence
  • Training Academy shared by the group.
  • Certification Plan
  • Recruitment Model
Reference Projects
  • Constant presence in customers
  • Proximity of the relationship
  • Proximity of technical specification
Side dish
  • Individual to each consultant
  • Personal and social - Events Bee There
  • Professional - Bee Tech Events







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