• Team grew to 147 employees in a year of ICT consolidation, investment in R&D and Training, as well as reinforcement of teams and infrastructures;
  • Expansion of services in EMEA markets, increase of operations in the Oporto and Norte region and creation of own product division are the challenges for 2019


Lisbon, March 14, 2019 - Bee Engineering has surpassed the 5 M€ revenue mark in the FY2018. The 38% growth resulted in consolidation of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in Europe, investment in R&D and Training for young talents knowledge growth, the reinforcement of management teams, the move to new headquarters (in December) to address the growth and the implementation of ISO 9001 certification quality policy. The team grew to 147 professionals, a number that follows the growth of clients, partners and the geographies where they are inserted.

The year 2019 will be of expansion for Bee Engineering, with the aim to capitalize the consolidation registered last year. The companies strategy is: to increase international services, providing to new EMEA countries our ICT knowledge in both local and Nearshore regimes; to consolidate the operation in the North of Portugal, from our Headquarters of Oporto; to affirm our know-how in Gamification and to grow in the slope of Game Development; to establish a product division based on an existing BEE Engineering Ecosystem, benefiting from investment in R&D and the creation of own solutions; to increase the number of trainees at the Bee Academy, narrowing links with new talents trained in universities or technology schools.

According to José Leal e Silva, Executive Director of Bee Engineering: "The year 2019 represents an horizon full of good challenges that consist in the geographical expansion, but also in the increase of the existing offer of services. We will expand the company's services spectrum and existing project typology, benefiting our team, clients and partners. "

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