Bee Engineering recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, a milestone that could not go unnoticed. It’s been 10 years of growth, learning and many achievements. Over these years, we have become a reference and our achievements speak for themselves:

In 2013, the company was founded in Portugal, starting a path full of challenges and opportunities. The following year, in 2014, Bee won a Best Companies to Work For Award and surpassed the €1M barrier in turnover.

In 2015, the company adopted its first dog from União Zoófila and, a year later, surpassed the 100 employee mark and moved to its current office.

In 2017, Game Lab was created, now known as Nectar Interactive and the following year, BeeFut won the 1st MoOngy Solidarity Tournament.

In 2019, the company developed Galp Runner and a year later it launched a new website and the Beetyte podcast. 2021 was the year for the launch of the Bee Social Opportunity

Last year, Bee Engineering joined the headquarters of the MoOngy group in Rua Sousa Martins and was included in the Top 50 Best Companies to Work For in Portugal. This year, we celebrated our 10th anniversary, bringing together employees and former employees to celebrate a decade of success and innovation.

Congratulations to Bee Engineering for these 10 years! Here’s to many more years of growth.