Unio is a Business Matchmaking application developed by Bee Engineering in partnership with Fractal Mind, for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Portugal – Senegal and West Africa (CCIPS-AO).

It was carried out to respond to the challenge launched by the Embassy of Portugal in Senegal to add value to our country out of doors, linking companies to business and employment opportunities.

Unio puts in contact the more than 30 thousand national companies registered at  AICEP with investors from West African countries, being available in Portuguese, English and French. The app makes a new form of economic diplomacy feasible and is scalable to other world regions. It encompasses a social, accessibility and employment component, with am area of opportunities created for this purpose available.

The application was presented on May 10 in a virtual ceremony where the following were present: Vítor Sereno, Ambassador Portugal in Senegal; Luís Castro Henriques, president of AICEP; Gonçalo Terenas, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Portugal – Senegal and West Africa; João Pedro Guimarães, Secretary-General of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Eurico Brilhante Dias, Secretary of State for Internationalization and José Leal e Silva, Executive Director of Bee Engineering.