• Chatbot Maria, the Follow My Parcel, and the Operations Control Center developed by the Turnkey area of ​​Bee Engineering
  • Increase efficiency in terms of logistical distribution and information provided to customers

DPD Portugal, a parcel delivery specialist, entrusted Bee Engineering with the development of Digital Transformation processes, which increase the efficiency of logistics services and customer contact. The Innovation and Technology company developed Chatbot Maria, Follow My Parcel, and the Operations Control Center, bringing the brand closer to its consumers in a phase characterized by social distance and increased point-to-point product distribution.

Chatbot Maria was adapted for DPD Portugal to make information flow more quickly between customers and the company specializing in express delivery. Recipients of orders delivered by DPD now have at their disposal a new method of resolving issues related to orders, without having to use the telephone and/or email helpline. Chatbot lets you know information about the status of the order to be delivered, change the reception address, or choose a pickup store and change the delivery date. It was developed using Robot Factory technology, which DPD uses internationally. The new customer service channel has been used by more than half a million customers since the beginning of the activity and is helping to speed up the response to questions related to orders.

In addition to the Maria chatbot, DPD has also developed other applications for the delivery of orders, namely the Follow My Parcel for recipients or the Operations Control Center, for the internal process of monitoring and optimizing the route of its distribution vehicles.

For José Leal e Silva, Executive Director of Bee Engineering “Technology exists to improve the performance of human beings, in any sector, and it is in this sense that the long-standing partnership with DPD has been developed. Each project that is carried out and each interaction is always aimed at improving the organization’s processes or business, and it is this attitude that allows real improvements to be made to DPD Portugal’s business.”

According to Paulo Rosa, Information Systems Director at DPD Portugal “the partnership with Bee Engineering has allowed us to provide tools to improve the provision of service to our customers, with the Maria chatbot being worthy of mention, which proved to be an excellent bet for Customer Service of DPD, continuously optimized by the internal teams of the two companies”. Chatbot Maria, Follow My Parcel, and Operations Control Center were carried out by a multidisciplinary team from the Turnkey area of ​​Bee Engineering. Developments of new Digital Transformation initiatives are planned for DPD Portugal, to add value and efficiency to the services it provides to its customers.