They say that art collects memories, immortalizes moments and, like life, should be celebrated through meetings and gifts. That’s why Bee Engineering decided to offer a gift with an important meaning to the whole team this festive season.

The Fundação LIGA, through its LIGARTE atelier, created some cups so that we can all celebrate life and a more inclusive and pluralistic society.

Tomás Lima, Pedro Almeida, Bráulio Moreira and Fernando Delgado, are the names of the four artists that make up LIGARTE, “a space for artistic creation where we all have a place and where art is assumed as a form of liberation from existing constraints and of opening to the world” (Ligarte Atelier, 2022). One of them is responsible and author of the art of these cups.

The Fundação LIGA, which trains people in vulnerable situations, namely those with disabilities, promotes “skills, autonomy and quality of life, through the provision of resources in the areas of (re)habilitation, professional training and employment, accessibility and the arts, contributing for the development of a more inclusive and plural society” (FL, 2022).

The value of these gifts reverts in full to support the social responses of the Fundação LIGA and directly to our artists.

It’s time to live together, be and celebrate! Let’s create memories!