GameLAB has evolved and gained a new name, image and areas of expertise. Nectar Interactive, our new brand, is born. In an era where technology is advancing very fast, companies must be quick to keep up with this pace and look for new ways to realize their potential. This is the purpose of our new step.

The birth of Nectar Interactive follows the launch of solutions for companies – the Gamification Bee Brave platform and the Honeyshake Advergames. The next step will be even more interesting: we will enter in the video game market.

Nectar represents another chapter in the evolution of the hive and an opportunity to reach and conquer a market that is full of creativity. In summary, our offer is:

  1. Gamification Bee Brave as a productivity solution;
  2. Honeyshake Advergames with formal games for marketing actions;
  3. Videogames as entertainment to consumers.
nectar interactive gamifies experiences