quality policy

Focused in innovation, BEE Engineering is oriented to create real value for its customers and consultants. Our
main goal is to create value for those who interact with our organization.
For the implementation of this committee, it is necessary to ensure:
. Customer satisfaction as a central concern, promoting value creation among our customers and
other interested parties;
. Alignment and permanent focus with the company’s vision and mission;
. Continual simplification and optimization of all processes aiming the continuous improvement of
the Organization;
. Involvement and qualification of our employees in the improvement of the services provided to
the client;
. The full compliance of all requirements, not only legal regulations, but also others assumed with
our clients and all those involved;
Therefore, BEE Engineering asks to every worker and interested parts, within the scope of their duties that
consider this quality culture as a priority and assimilate it, as a basic principle, on their duties performance, making
possible to promote continuous improvement and to provide an excellence service.