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Gamification is the art of transforming a real-life context into a game. With the app bee brave, you can accelerate business by motivating players to reach further. We will take your business KPIs and build a game around them applying game mechanics. On bee brave app players can engage and track progress in a fun and interactive way.



Advergames are mini video games that are fully customizable to a brand or product. You can adapt one of our pre-build classic arcade games or get a quote to build a game from scratch. Advergames can be integrated on a greater experienced whether on a digital campaign played online or on a physical event – any device – mobile, desktop, arcade, muppie, you name it.



Shhh @ Nectar Interactive we are developing new videogames. Keep an eye on our social media.

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Inspire players to reach further. Accelerate business with Nectar Interactive gamified experiences.

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