digital is crucial more than ever.

The expansion of coronavirus is changing the everyday lives of people and organizations. From one day to the next, thousands of employees started working from home. Even in the information and communication technology sector, where remote work is common practice, this was far from the norm for the entire team. We all go through an adaptation period. At Bee Engineering we want to share our knowledge to support organizations to accelerate the digital transition of their business.




Many organizations seek to quickly adapt their structure to remote work and in the process face new challenges. Bee Engineering makes its technical knowledge available to customers, partners and the entire community, sharing available resources and tips so that everyone can work from home. With the Tech Guidance program, companies can access for free to sessions of specialized consulting that will help them navigate the best options for their team. If your business needs support in this moment of change, book your Tech Guidance timeslot now and find out how you can speed up the digital transition of your organization. Find how to:

  • how to use free audio / video communication tools?
  • how to access documents and files remotely?
  • are there free solutions for quick implementation of remote work?
  • what are the benefits of cloud adoption?
  • how to optimize the performance and efficiency of my team?