Testing! Testing! Testing! 

Testing is key in these times of managing the pandemic effects but for software developers the importance of testing is not new. 

Bee Engineering is setting up a software testers team that will count on more that 20 professionals. The team will be focused on developing, creating, and executing test strategies and so elevating quality standards and excellence.  

There are 19 open positions, and we are looking for experienced professionals with enthusiasm for the challenge. 

Bee Engineering testers team will be:  

Test Manager Consultant | 1 opening  

Functional Tests Team Leader Consultant | 1 opening   

Automated Tests Team Leader Consultant | 1 opening   

Non-Functional Tests Team Leader Consultant | 1 opening  

Functional Testers Consultant | 6 openings   

Automated Testers Consultant| 4 openings  

Performance Testers Consultant | 2 openings  

Pentesting Consultant | 2 openings  

Data Migration Tester Consultant | 1 opening   

Learn more about all the opportunities at careers and your CV to cvbee@bee-eng.pt. We are waiting for you!