Nectar Interactive, Bee Engineering’s videogames and digital experiences unit, developed a game for Frize which goal was supporting coffee shops and restaurants on resumption of commercial activity in the 2021 summer. “Café Pede Frize” campaign occur four months, until September 26th. Activated by a QR Code, this fun experience was inspired by the values and flavors of the brand. It was played 167.367 times and offered 600 beach towels to the best players. Safe and interactive, this game had a positive impact on the consumers and the restaurants, in a reactivation phase in which economic agents look for new ways to attract audiences.

In “Café Pede Frize”, the participants found a digital experience that was simple, captivating, and challenging on the progression. Tampinha Frize character gained points by overcoming barriers and collecting fruits, in an infinite universe associated with Frize nature. The game was available on commercial establishments that have joined this program and was activated by any mobile device with internet that could read the QR code.

With the activation of the “Café Pede Frize” program through a video game, the brand created a fun dynamic with consumers and helped the partners of the Horeca channel. The business of the restaurants was seriously affected in the space of a year and a half and there was a need to innovate to attract and retain consumers. Experiences based on video game techniques, developed by Nectar Interactive, allow you to reinforce the power of brands in terms of products and, also, provide value in ​​services, which increase their efficiency and adoption.

The Executive Director of Bee Engineering, José Leal e Silva, says: “Brands, in search of constant innovation, are increasingly choosing to bring differentiating actions to their customers. This trend is increasingly followed by those who want to be at the frontline. Frize, as an innovative brand in several vectors, presented us with the challenge of bringing fun to every place where its consumers stop to drink a different type of water. It continues to innovate in the experience and the fun it brings at all times – in this case, materialized in a game created to young and old people.”