Efficiency, Impact and Innovation: Count on High Performance Experts

Accelerate Projects and Outperform the Competition

With OTS, you guarantee agile responses to start new projects and expand teams quickly, meeting delivery demands effectively.

Furthermore, they obtain significant savings compared to traditional recruitment processes.



With 10+ years in IT, our experienced team holds a versatile knowledge base for diverse technical challenges.



Diverse client trust broadens our understanding of businesses impacted by technical solutions and their goals.



We leverage diverse technologies for client success, ensuring optimal solutions for every project.



In large teams, sharing knowledge across the organization is essential for formidable problem-solving—the true power of a bigger team

Quick Response for Project Kick-off

We offer an agile response to starting projects, avoiding the time-consuming recruitment process. This provides a competitive advantage, allowing you to capitalize on opportunities quickly and efficiently.

Gains Over Recruitment

Our specialized team is ready to contribute immediately, ensuring that project objectives are met without the burden of traditional recruitment.

Fast Availability of Technical Expertise

With Bee Engineering's OTS service, gain immediate access to a diverse team of qualified professionals ready to meet the technical demands of your project. Avoid waiting to acquire new skills internally, taking advantage of the readiness of our experts to keep your company agile and responsive in the constantly evolving digital environment.

Ready to Ignite Your Project's Success?

Talents Powering Businesses

Uncover the transformative impact that specialized talents can bring to your business success.

Tailored E-commerce Solutions for Vodafone

We led the development and provided technical support for a bespoke e-commerce app for Vodafone, a telecommunications leader. This application facilitated internet connections for residential and business clients, enhancing Vodafone's market presence and customer engagement.

  • C#
  • JQuery
  • HTML
  • MVC
  • T-SQL
  • WCF

Empowering Success: Crafting Innovative BI Solutions

From inception to delivery, Bee's expert team crafted a comprehensive BI model using cutting-edge Microsoft technology. Every phase of the project was meticulously executed, culminating in a successful outcome. Our team went further by crafting a robust layer of KPIs and dynamic dashboards, amplifying the project's global impact and resulting in remarkable productivity gains.

  • SQL Server
  • Reporting Services
  • Integration Services

We are ready to transform your company's digital journey.

Contact us and discover how our solutions can boost your business!
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