Quality policy

Updated in December 2022

Bee Engineering is an IT consultancy company that helps organizations find the right tech solution to catalyze growth. We take the best practices of engineering and technology into projects of global reach. For this purpose, it is essential to ensure:

  • The alignment of the Quality Management System with the values and strategic guidelines of BEE Engineering;
  • Customer satisfaction as the driving force of our organization, promoting value creation among our customers and other stakeholders;
  • The search for excellence in the management of its processes and services, providing the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System;
  • An environment of motivation, respect and integrity, promoting the development of the skills, creativity and responsibility of all employees, through the awareness and training of the same.
  • Full compliance with all regulatory and legal requirements for all activities, as well as other requirements assumed with our customers and all involved;
  • The awareness of all employees for the responsibility of all in the effectiveness of the Quality Management System;

This policy should be made available, communicated, and understood by all interested parties.