Feb 8, 2024

Bee Engineering makes a rebranding inspired by Fluidity and Innovation

Bee Engineering makes a rebranding inspired by Fluidity and Innovation

Bee Engineering has launched a new branding, which is based on a decade of experience in developing Technology for companies and brands. Under the motto "Dare to be different", it reaffirms its commitment to leading areas of innovation, making a difference and supporting organizations in their digitalization and growth processes.

For José Leal e Silva, Executive Director of Bee Engineering, “with more than 10 years of experience in the national market, since the first day we have worked to create balance between the various elements, embracing the continuous change of this field of activity. We use our differences as a strength to elevate our people, the company and society. We make internal and external cooperation our daily work motto, always based on the integrity of our teams which, since day one, has characterized this company and has allowed us to maintain constant adaptability to the market over these years.”

Bee Engineering's offer is centered on two aspects that complement each other to dynamically respond to companies' needs: The first is OTS (Outsourcing Time and Skill) under the pillars of speed and competence. It guarantees agile responses to each challenge and significant results without the high costs of other traditional processes, ensuring a response time advantage in each project. DXSpark, the second, is the area responsible for the Digital Experiences of its partners with tailor-made solutions (turnkey), “Team as a service” and time packages.

Fluid Iron and Magnetism at the basis of the new identity

Active in Portugal since 2013, the revitalization of its identity reflects technological acumen and fluid culture. The fluid iron concept was selected as the main inspiration for the visual renovation. Its adaptable characteristic is representative of the company's team, which values ​​flexibility, “thinking out of the box” and openness to all ways of being and thinking. Magnetism symbolizes the brand's ability to attract talent and innovative minds. Having the best professionals makes it possible for Bee Engineering to remain at the top of the Innovation and Technology sector.‍

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